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woman in a shoe   in reply to gr8granny
Hi again u will not get a car though charitycars i know people that been on there list for years and still no car though them u got to send them all kind of med stuff and other stuff and u will still not get a car out of them. There is a place put u don't have little kids in your home plus i don't know how they work i just know u got to have small kids and one got to be end school the other one u do have someone working but u got to have both of them it also not in ever state i don't know the rest u got to do under them are they work i just know about kids and someone working. U can check and see if they in the city u are in the name of the place is ways to work. Some how u get a car though them
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gr8granny   in reply to woman in a shoe
I found I don't
know how it works yet, but I am going to.
Thank you for your help on food, though.

Have a great day and Have a happy life.
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woman in a shoe
Hi this is only a info site for food call Catholic church s and see which ones gives out food most of them have a free clothes also or call any church and see if they give out food or call food pantrys for food. For a car there no place that helps with anything to do with a car.
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